My philosophy at Fisio Port Andratx is based on a holistic approach where I see my clients as individuals and view everybody as a whole. Whatever your needs, with my detailed assessment process i will try to identify the cause of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms.

For example, you have a hip problem... I know that a hip is not just “a hip”; it is a hip that functions as part of the whole body. A problem with your hip can affect your back, knee and ankle, and could also be preventing you from doing things that you otherwise would like to be doing – everything from running to kneeling to going down stairs at the train station, or even driving your car.... At Fisio Port Andratx, I look outside the box to try and find the root cause of your problem. To fully understand your actual problem, it is important to look at your fitness and activity level, your training patterns, your shoes and your motivation... I believe that education about your problem enables a better understanding and ensure your recovery is better and more complete. I regularly work together as a part of a wider multidisciplinary team and have links with a large network in majorca and international.


Physiotherapy helps you restore your body back to its normal condition following an accident, illness or injury.

Massage Therapy

Massage treatments benefit the body and mind in a variety of ways. In response to these treatments, specific physiological, emotional and chemical changes cascade throughout the body.

Chriopractic and structural Osteopathy

Chiropractic can help you and your family to not only feel your best but also to achieve true inner wellbeing. Wellbeing is a state of optimal physical, social and mental health. Give your body the best opportunity to achieve this through regular chiropractic care.

Sports Medicine

Whether you are injured, in pain or just mysteriously performing below standard, relax - you’re in the right place.


Reflexology is suitable for all ages and throughout every stage of life. This gentle therapy may bring relief from a wide range of both acute and chronic conditions.

... and much more

We can bring our physiotherapy services to you. When it is not practical to come to our clinic, we can, by arrangement, travel to your home or work. This is most commonly an option when your injury limits your ability to get out of the house, with the goal that once you have recovered sufficiently, your care can then be continued at the clinic.